Meditation – The Remover of Obstacles #HumansOfHeartfulness

If I had told my 10-year-old self that I would grow up someday to become a content and successful woman, I would have never believed myself then! When I was a child, I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia. It affected my walking, my speech, and my heart. It was mentally very, very exhausting. Heartfulness meditation…… Read More.


the joy of motherhood

The Joy in Doing Everything #HumansOfHeartfulness

As an entrepreneur and a mother, I have reaped the many benefits of daaily meditation. I ventured into the world of wedding design while at architecture school when I was 19, and 7 years hence, I am married with a child and managing my business parallelly. Born in an Indian family, my exposure to spiritual practice began at 3 years…… Read More.


Andrey Malinovsky

Seek and You shall Find #HumansOfHeartfulness

I stumbled across Heartfulness meditation at the end of 2008 when I was already about 30 years old. At that time, I still didn’t know what I wanted from life, but I knew exactly what I wanted to avoid. Perhaps this was caused by the influence of literary classics and deep dissatisfaction, but with all my being I tried to…… Read More.


A Long-Distance Call of Love

A long-distance relationship reminds me of my meditation practice. In the beginning, my partner and I would communicate with each other during random hours. But on some days, we felt frustrated and distracted because of different schedules and the huge difference in time zones. What then worked was finding a suitable hour in our schedule where we could meaningfully connect.…… Read More.


The Pause and Re-start #HumansOfHeartfulness

I am from Japan and I started my meditation practice 13 years ago when I was introduced to Heartfulness by a friend of mine. After hearing about it, I looked it up on the internet and learnt that there was a meditation center in my area. I eagerly started the practice. There was a period when I had to briefly…… Read More.


Two boys meditating the heartfulness way

How Meditation Changes Habits and Personality

“Being someone who consistently meditates was not my cup of tea for very many years. Who doesn’t know the wondrous benefits of meditation? But making it a habit was like peeling a tough coconut every day – I knew it is mouth-watering but didn’t have any desire to put forth attempts in savoring it.” The above example completely resonates with…… Read More.


What is your Attitude?

It happened a few days ago. Despite a regular meditation practice, there are days when I struggle to feel grateful. I feel frustrated, disappointed, jealous, insecure, and just muddled. As humans, we can feel complex emotions. My mind was done with being all calm, happy, and peace loving. It took control. It decided to inject thoughts of everything that is…… Read More.


Celebrating Life – Way Easier than you Think

I fancy holidays as I truly feel merry and bright. It’s the time when I book a hotel and tickets for a flight, and I’m off to a destination that keeps my laptop away from me. For some time, I defined celebrating life as a period of “days” where I could easily get into the spirit of joy, excitement, and…… Read More.


Manish Sharma

An Experiment #HumansOfHeartfulness

I’ve always approached new things with curiosity and an open heart. I would try, test and prove my observations that arose whenever I came across something interesting. I was 21 years old and working in the East Khasi Hills, in Shillong, Meghalaya which is a beautiful hill station in India with lovely weather. Those were the days when I was…… Read More.


Embracing the New Year

With a nip in the air, as woolens come out and Christmas trees are lit, the infectious aura of the festive season is felt by one and all. A sense of togetherness and brotherhood prevails as people around the world celebrate, in whatever capacity, the last month of 2020. I sat down to reflect on the year that is ending…… Read More.


Dr. Laveena Mehta

Call of the Heart #HumansOfHeartfulness

When one hears the word, “pandemic”, one is gripped with fear. One worries about the safety of their loved ones, unaccomplished deeds and maybe even their own self until one day one realizes that life and death were never in their hands. And yet one continues to go to bed with plans for the next day, a reflection of a…… Read More.


woman reading news paper while drinking tea in the morning

A Morning Routine for a Productive Day

One should never underestimate what a productive day can do to our mindset. When we’ve had one of these and ticked everything off our ‘to-do’ list, we yearn to find ways to replicate it. After all, who does not like to feel accomplished and satisfied? I recently had an extremely productive day, and that gave me the motivation to go…… Read More.