November 30th 2019 at 8:00 PM IST / 9:30 AM EST / 2:30 PM GMT

Speaker Rajlakshmi

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In this webinar, Rajlakshmi will share various insights on the calming effect of meditation on the mind. She will share her experience working on projects with practitioners from Heartfulness Institute, tell us how experienced Heartfulness Meditation practitioners change a negative state of mind to a calmer state, positive state within seconds, and how meditation becomes a tool for trait change in people, leading to long lasting peace and satisfaction. Raji will also share with us how healing is a conscious choice we make and the tips to heal from within.

Speaker : Rajlakshmi “Raji” Borthakur , Founder and CEO of TerraBlue XT is a globally recognized innovator, with 20+ years of IT experience. Rajlakshmi was inspired by her son’s struggles with epilepsy to start her venture, and since 2016 has been able to create multiple innovative products in the area of neurology and mental health. Conferred Honorary Doctorate for her contribution to science, Rajlakshmi has global recognition, and has been named a Forbes Women Trailblazer, One of the 12 Women Transforming India by United Nations & Niti Aayog, One of the Top 5 Global Women Entrepreneur by Axa Insurance, 1 of the top 3 Innovations in India, Intel & DST, Govt. of India and so on. Being an experienced meditator herself and having firsthand experienced the therapeutic power of meditation, Rajlakshmi’s special interest lies in establishing meditation as an acceptable science-backed therapy for self-healing, especially for those suffering from anxiety, depression and pain.

Takeaways from this webinar

  • Science proves we get to choose whether we want to be calm or anxious
  • States of mind can shift from negative to positive within seconds, if we are open to accepting change and are focussed on recovery & wellbeing
  • Long term meditation brings about trait change, including changes in neuroplasticity, helping practitioners adopt a calmer and more peaceful outlook in life

Who Should Attend

  • Researchers interested in the confluence of meditation and neurology
  • People interested in the scientific application of meditation
  • Meditators or people exploring meditation

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