June 15th 2019 at 7:00 PM IST / 9:30 AM EST / 2:30 PM GMT

Speaker Manish Agarwal

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Webinar Overview:
A Heartful leader according to the speaker has two necessary traits: a cause higher than themselves and personal sacrifices for the cause. The Heartful Leadership webinar will look at leadership through this prism to learn about leadership using works of literature.

A large amount of research pertaining to leadership already exists worldwide. Western models of leadership have centered on enhancing corporate performance and have extensively looked at traits which characterize a leader as against a manager.

The speaker, based on his experience as a corporate manager and a visiting professor at global business schools, is proposing a model of leadership which has not yet been discussed in corporate, social or academic circles.

Good leadership, according to the speaker, requires two necessary traits: a cause higher than themselves and personal sacrifices for the cause.

The webinar will delve into the issue of leadership from this prism and attempt to learn about leadership using works of research literature.

Speaker : Manish Agarwal has over 24 years of work experience in India in Leadership positions in global multinational organizations like Citibank, Dell and Deloitte. Manish in his last corporate role was the chief operating officer in the area of renewable energy for the company Ujaas Energy. He is a speaker at various industry forums and has been quoted in leading business media like Economic Times, Reuters, Yahoo, Business Standard, and Financial Times.

He is interested in spirituality and has been practicing Heartfulness meditation for the last 27 years. He conducts meditation sessions at leading corporations, business schools and voluntary organizations.

Who should attend:

  • People in positions of responsibility and influence in commercial or in non-governmental charitable organisations.
  • Students of management.
  • Spiritual aspirants.

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