February 23rd 2019 at 7:00 PM IST / 8:30 AM EST / 1:30 PM GMT

Speaker Mary Wheatley

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In this webinar we will understand the needs of the parents. These unmet needs lead to frustration, irritability and less than optimal interactions with children when additional stressors come into play.

Parents are preconditioned to think that their needs are unimportant. Many parents do not know what they need and are so used to putting their children’s needs first, that they are only happy when their children are happy. Some parents live through their children and find it difficult to separate themselves from their children. Other parents are overworked and burdened with life’s demands that they can only offer a pared back version of themselves. Taking time to address the parents’ physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs is required for parents to feel complete and understood.

Overview & Takeaway

  • How parents can identify their needs?
  • How to meet the unmet needs of parents?
  • What are the benefits of having “me-time” for parents?
  • How do children benefit when parents have their “me-time”?
  • AN experiential session of Heartfulness Relaxation and meditation

Who can join:
This webinar is suitable for parents who who feel overwhelmed, disatisfied and frustrated with the task of raising children and are looking for greater peace, calm and joy in themselves and their family lives.

Mary Wheatley is the founder of Inspired Parent Coach. Mary coaches parents to uncover their innate strengths as a means to greater self awareness. Through self awareness parents become “Conscious Parents” and thus, offer optimal parenting to their children.

Creative by nature, Mary began her Parent Coaching career after 30 years in the design field. She enjoys co-creating solutions with parents and is passionate about helping parents to reconnect with their best selves. Mary offers help and guidance to parents in overcoming the immense challenges they face in our chaotic world.

You will find Mary coaching, speaking and hosting Parenting Summits on a wide range of parenting issues, all centered in the conscious parenting movement of today.

Mary is a certified Parent Coach and lives with her husband in Hawaii; where her two now young adult daughters were born and raised. You may learn more about her services by visiting

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