Mandatory: Please read the following before commencing the heartfulness training session.

  • Meditation is a relaxing activity. Participants may sit in a comfortable pose during the meditation session. Adjust your posture as and when necessary. Please avoid disturbing others during the meditation session.
  • If there is a discomfort, we recommend changing your posture to be comfortable. Please stop the meditation if you feel pain or disorientation.
  • Participants with pre-existing medical condition or physical injury should avoid any posture that may potentially aggravate their condition.
  • Participants with pre-existing medical conditions should check with the Heartfulness facilitator or trainer before participating in the session. The trainer may deny your request to participate.
  • Participants should be 15 years or above to participate in a meditation session.
  • Do not participate in a meditation or relaxation session while engaged in another activity including driving or operating heavy machinery.

By participating in this meditation or relaxation session, I agree that the Heartfulness Institute, its trainers, facilitators, volunteers or any of its affiliated members or organizations will be held harmless by the participants and its sponsoring organization.