Heartfulness is Lovefulness

The heart is the center of one’s existence and hence one wonders if it is synonymous with love. Love is the most sought-after need and greatest inspiration in our lives. Irrespective of what we love, it is a powerful force. It makes one fight, protect, sacrifice and even die for what we love. Love exists when darkness, ignorance and imbalances…… Read More.



Mindfulness Is Giving Birth to Heartfulness Meditation

As more and more people are paying attention to the present moment they are finding a harmony where before they were just on their way to doing what is next. As their awareness takes notice of the little moments of the day instead of being in a rush, their inner world and outer world seem to be talking to one…… Read More.



Understanding and Practicing Heartfulness

How is Heartfulness different from Mindfulness? Mindfulness is derived from Buddhism. It is an extremely positive and effective program. It is also humanistic in its core. It espouses inner strength, balance and compassion to create a harmonious and effective state of existence, individually and hence collectively. Mindfulness is related to harnessing and improving the power of the mind. It deals…… Read More.


sun rise

Heartfulness – Being my best

How do we become better at something? Or how do we become the best we can possibly be in our respective function or life situation? If I am a student, how do I become the best student that I can be? If I am a musician, how do I become the best musician that I can be? How can I…… Read More.



What is heartfulness?

How did the rose Ever open its heart And give to this world All its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light Against its Being Otherwise, We all remain Too Frightened. – Hafiz c.1320 – 1389 In recent years increasing attention has been given to the concept of mindfulness, both in clinical and non-clinical settings, so much so that usage…… Read More.



Heartfulness – Dr. Rosalind Pearmain

(Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment..” )( Wikipedia) Heartfulness is a way of cultivating connection outwardly with the world through my heart centre and inwardly with the ground of being within. I start by learning to drop my awareness softly from the active zone…… Read More.


vibratory heart

The Vibratory Heart

How can we talk about the heart? What are the words we can use to describe the heart? We usually describe all the qualities, like courage, compassion, love, kindness, acceptance etc. But is this just the tip of the iceberg? If this is where the divine spark resides in us, how on earth do we talk about it? The one…… Read More.


Meditation for the Modern Family

Meditation for the Modern Family – Creating Harmony in Your Home and Beyond My two daughters and I have a standard bedtime ritual consisting of jumping on the bed, a bedtime story and each singing their favorite song before they go to sleep. On some nights there’s an additional step – my daughters hide under their comforters and I, pretending…… Read More.


sonia dovedy

Heartfulness – Sonia Dovedy

Heartfulness. It returns you Home. A home, perhaps similar to the one you grew up in, or perhaps very different. This Home is lovely, vibrant, and overflowing with love. Can you imagine? Heartfulness returns you to the place where you are innocent and most vulnerable. It takes you to a time when you are not capable, nor responsible of perceiving…… Read More.


never ending adventure

A Never-ending Adventure

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. I spent the first quarter century of my life a bit frustrated why the deep truths I felt seemed so hard to reconcile to my daily experience – and completely baffled why my peers weren’t ecstatically enthusiastic about learning spiritually. I grew up in a spiritual family and explored…… Read More.