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A Simplified Yoga for Today’s Busy Lifestyle

Why Heartfulness on yoga day? In Nature, everything happens at the appropriate moment. The solution to a crisis emerges at the moment it is needed. I was wondering about the declaration of June 21st as the International Day of Yoga, by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, a couple of years ago. He said that the General Assembly of the…… Read More.


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Let Us Meet In Union

Yoga means union, union with the source of our existence, and with all. If we come to the understanding that all of us are one with anything and everything in the universe, I believe we will experience a different reality in this very world. Most of the problems which we are facing in today’s world, such as scarcity of water…… Read More.



With Yoga in One Hand and Meditation in the Other

Over the past ten years or so I have told myself I would start practicing yoga daily. I tried power yoga, other physical yoga types, and those that focus more on inner balance and serenity. Well, it wasn’t until after I began practicing Heartfulness meditation that I began doing yoga more often. I didn’t intend for this to happen, in…… Read More.


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Through Remembrance, Union #InternationalDayofYoga

If, five or ten years ago, you had the same knowledge you have today, do you think your life would have been different? Having exercised a choice and arriving at a path now, have you wondered what it would be like to have exercised a different choice? Well, let me tell you a story. Once Lord Krishna and his devotee,…… Read More.


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365 Yoga Days in a Year

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root, “yuj” which means “to unite”. Yoga means that which unites man with God. In ancient days, those who wanted to achieve yoga or union with the divine, retired to forests and meditated for years. As they did meditation in a sitting posture for long, to keep their bodies flexible, they devised…… Read More.


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Finding peace with heartfulness meditation

We lead hectic lives, overloading our brain with information all the time. And most of the time we are surrounded by people, making it impossible for us to sit and chant mantras. There are still ways to fit meditation into your busy schedule; to harness your thoughts and find those blissful moments of stillness. Heartfulness meditation is a simple form…… Read More.


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Peace on Earth

Peace of mind, peace and quiet, war and peace, Individual peace, world peace, are all related to the many facets of the peace on earth which was sought after even at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, 2,016 years ago. Jesus was born and the angels rejoiced: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good…… Read More.


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The Power of Belief and Positive Thinking

The word “belief” is defined in the dictionary as “confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptive to rigorous proof.”[i] But this word can be broken down into two separate terms: “be” and “lief.” “To be” simply means to exist or to live. The word “lief” originates from an Indo-European word “leubh,” which means love. The combined…… Read More.


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Matter Energy and Consciousness

Does the unified field theory – the theory of everything as it’s called – really explain everything? There is a struggle in the scientific community to neatly tie together all the theories of physics, for they believe there is an inherent structure and order to the universe and it operates inexorably. All exceptions of objects out of orbit, colliding with…… Read More.


Kamlesh D Patel

Interview on Heartfulness, Lyon, France

[su_youtube url=”” width=”860″ height=”480″ class=”video”] Q: What is Heartful meditation? Kamlesh D Patel: Well, the term came on its own when we were discussing mindfulness and awareness. This is all about feelings. Our entire life is led by feelings and inspirations, and that is the role of the heart. And when we manage to listen to the feelings and capture…… Read More.



Meditation in the Life of a Health Professional

How should one lead a life with the promises it holds and turbulences it generates? Follow your heart, has always been the answer of wisdom. How can we do it? It seems to be a major question. When it comes to the life of a health professional, this question takes on a greater importance as it involves not only dealing…… Read More.



Rise Above It All – Like the Lotus Flower

All efforts in our everyday lives are directed towards fulfilling an incessant flow of demands. Meeting life’s expectations fuels our sense of accomplishment. But more often than not, our worldly experiences – however trifling or significant – tend to entangle us into a spiral of chaos and fatigue, all the while setting off feelings of entrapment. When caught in that…… Read More.