Wisdom Without Travelling To The Other Side Of The Oceans – A Udemy Course With Daaji

Negin Motamed

We all want to be happy and successful in our lives. We know it is the right way to live our lives and it is our right to have happiness and success. We just do not know how to do it – how to maintain our happiness at all times and under all circumstances, in today’s complicated society and stressful modern time. We might have a clue about this, somewhere in the background of our mind that it takes a great deal of wisdom to be able to maintain our happy and balanced state. But wisdom seems usually something out of reach that only ancient and mythical personalities such as Buddha or Lao Tzu have attained. We think it takes decades of austerity, renunciation and difficult disciplines such as silence and solitude in the remote forests to achieve it.

Let us stop right here and ask this simple question – “is it true?” If something sometime has been the way to reach to something, does it mean that it is still the case in our time? Can we just let go of our old assumptions and find the truth in the light of an open mind? The reality is we are living in a very exceptional time that although there are many negative aspects to it, such as complexity and stress that we mentioned before and all sorts of pollution and chaos, there are many positive and unique qualities to it as well. Let us just look at the explosion of information and knowledge we have access to, in the field of wellness and self-awareness in today’s world. Never before in human history have we witnessed such a phenomenal variety and abundance in this field altogether and at the same time!

Now, what if I tell you that in this unique time that we are living, you do not have to travel to the other side of the oceans and mountains, to the occident, to gain that wisdom that you are missing, and you think is the key to your successful, healthy, balanced life!

What if you are able to receive the gist of ancient yogic wisdom that is the result of thousands of years of research and hard work in a 10-session online course thought by a new-age high-caliber yogi? And in the comfort of your home gain the wisdom you very well know that is the only way to flip both your mindset and as a result your lifestyle into something that leads to happiness, health and balance – in a better word a shift in your consciousness that sets you into the right mindset.

Let us take advantage of this unique time that we are living in and this unique opportunity of learning, to bring about the change we need in this only life that we have, and we have all the rights to live it fully and to the best possible quality.

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