The Pause And Re-Start #HumansOfHeartfulness

Rie Aoki
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I am from Japan and I started my meditation practice 13 years ago when I was introduced to Heartfulness by a friend of mine. After hearing about it, I looked it up on the internet and learnt that there was a meditation center in my area. I eagerly started the practice.

There was a period when I had to briefly discontinue my practice, but I decided to get back again. The break made me realise what this practice meant to me. I believe that while we may be introduced to our life’s purpose through different means, what drives us to search for it is nevertheless the same.

Through experience I have discovered that the Heartfulness practice is just amazing! When I started off, I had some questions in my mind – How will I change through meditation? How can this restless mind be at peace? Nonetheless, I continued my practice and started experiencing the changes rather than seeking the answers.

There was even a time during my meditation, when I was fighting with myself. Occasionally I even felt annoyed, sometimes sleepy and sometimes my ego came in the way.

However, by being true to my feelings and continuing with my practice, I observed that my mindset began to change. This, I think is the uniqueness and effectiveness of this practice and I have experienced this time and again.

I believe there are many benefits of Heartfulness meditation. The human ego is insignificant but it is this same ego which makes us aware and helps us adapt to changes. The Heartfulness practice helps me to look at the positive aspects of things instead of ruminating over what is lacking in myself. It helps me to bring my attention to the divine light in my heart – bringing immense satisfaction to my heart. I could experience this only because I continued with my practice and this empowered me to lead a heartful-life. I do not want to lose sight of the light present in my heart and my heartfulness practice will remain a constant in my life.