The Compassion Revolution

Veena Mishra

Every heart, has locked within itself a treasure which when unleashed can prove to be most fruitful not only to oneself but more importantly to the others around it.

This treasure that we all hold within our hearts is “COMPASSION”. A compassionate heart is one that is able to love, accept, understand, be gallant and harmonize. (L.A.U.G.H)

A heart filled with compassion does not love because it seeks something in return. It loves only for the sake of loving and has not any expectations.

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A heart that is ever immersed in love is able to accept all that comes in its way. Whether it is something positive or negative in nature matters not. Both are treated one and the same.
It is only when we are faced with the negative that we can gauge the true level of our acceptance.


A compassionate heart seeks to understand the cause in order to be able to accept the effect. True understanding helps one to get rid of all doubts and prejudices that one might hold.

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It takes a brave heart to stand firm and rooted amidst all storms and embrace them with a smile. One who is filled with love and compassion can see not the ferocity of the tide but only the beauty of the wave.

Compassion fuels one to spread harmony among all. One sees the whole world as his family and seeks to live together, loving one and all as his own.

If we all L.A.U.G.H and helps others to L.A.U.G.H this world could turn out to be a completely different and most beautiful place to live in. This change is not too hard to get as laughter is after all contagious. When every heart is able to L.A.U.G.H the world would definitely witness a revolution, The compassion revolution.

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