Peace On Earth

Sonia Dovedy

Peace of mind, peace and quiet, war and peace, Individual peace, world peace, are all related to the many facets of the peace on earth which was sought after even at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, 2,016 years ago. Jesus was born and the angels rejoiced: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” – Luke 2:14

Peace is defined as a freedom from disturbance. If we remove disturbance, peace is the result.

Let us look at the nature and causes of disturbances.

By way of types or nature of disturbances, at the individual level they are physical, mental and intellectual. From the individual, these disturbances extend to create disturbances in families. Not only do these disturbances affect the current situation within the family, but seeds sown in the hearts of the members may also fan out to becoming long-term animosities. Many of the wars between clans can be traced back to family disputes.

This kind of clan unrest consumes tribes, communities, societies and countries for generations, resulting in global unrest.

This is evidenced in tribal warfare and even in the current unconventional war that is happening between terrorist groups and western civilization.

So, a disturbed mind is the root cause of lack of peace, and a lack of peace eventually destroys the individual, communities and countries.

All religions were founded for peace. Christians call Jesus of Nazareth the “Prince of Peace” Islam derived from the root word salam, which literally means peace (Wikipedia). Hinduism talks about “om shanti, shanti, shantihi.” One could say this summarizes the beginning and end as peace, peace, peace. At times I wonder, why three times? I think it is related to body, mind and soul.

Peace is the foundation of life. When this foundation is adversely and irreversibly affected, saints are born to restore Peace. These saints understand the wisdom behind peace: that without peace the universe is destroyed by human beings – an act of enormous irresponsibility as this universe is not inhabited by humans only.

When these saints inspire, educate and enlighten the masses to mend their ways, they leave behind a code of conduct. This we call a religion, and if we follow these codes with proper understanding we will realize that all religions are the same: they preach the same principles of love, peace, nonviolence and self-development, and worship of the unknown creator or source of all creation. Even if the existence of God is disputed and made irrelevant, the very idea that we humans did not create this universe that sustains life should make us look for something else that is the cause of this universe.

When we look beyond the material sciences and classical scientists, we realize that there is a need to approach all things metaphysical scientifically too. This will pave the way for understanding the softer aspects of life such as love, empathy, compassion, telepathy and, most interestingly, the scientific basis of prayer and belief.

When dogma is removed from both science and religion, then freedom of thinking results in learning through experience. Such a field is meditation. Meditate and realize peace. Once realizing peace, spread it, and that is how the world becomes peaceful. A peaceful mind becomes creative, productive and positive. Through it we can cure hunger and disease.

Jesus said, I leave you peace. So, we ask ourselves, what did we do with it? What can we do about it? How to grow it and use the peace within to “go forth and multiply”? To introspect, contemplate and meditate is the way to reinstate the peace within and to expand it to all around us.

On this Peace Day, let us begin a new era of peace, positivity and abundance for all.