Overcome Fear With Meditation


What is fear?

Fear can be explained as an unpleasant psychological feeling that is caused by some real or imagined danger. There could be the fear of facing people, losing a special one, doing badly in exams, losing your job, or the fear of any uncertainty. It results in the uneasiness of the mind, which disturbs our entire system.

The other day I was plagued with the thought of a job opportunity I had applied for a week before. There was this fear of uncertainty about whether I’d get the job or not, and I wanted the job really badly since it matched my profile perfectly. But the fear of not getting it would not let me breathe, I was so tense!

Of course, it’s important to experience some fear at times, otherwise, life would be as mundane as a boring everyday meal. However, it should not be paralysing and heightened to the extent that it disturbs your entire system, with the torment leaving you with complexities and emotional baggage way by the end.

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What cures fear?

For months, my preferred and easiest way of ignoring a fear was to take a stroll alone and listen to something that made me laugh. However, as soon as I would finish this “mind drifting technique”, my fear would again come and sit in front of me. The solution was temporary and the troubling issue would rear its ugly head again.


The method for removing fear could be anything you do to keep your attention from drifting towards that anxious thought. Some eat healthily while others play games to distract themselves. Some introspect and check why fear bothers them so much. While some people choose solitude to tackle fear, there are many who turn to meditation. Hence, different people choose different methods to keep fear at bay.

Bring Clarity through Heartfulness Cleaning

Heartfulness cleaning is a process that works in tandem with Heartfulness meditation. Through cleaning, we remove all the impurities and complexities that we have accumulated in our system and send them out of our bodies from our back in the form of smoke. Fear brings on imbalance and emotional heaviness and disrupts both our mind and heart, for that matter. Heartfulness cleaning followed by meditation purifies our system and clears our field of consciousness, leaving us feeling lighter and calmer.

I now practice all the three Heartfulness practices of relaxation, meditation and cleaning in the morning, noon and evening, respectively. I can now feel clarity in my thoughts and I am able to let go of fears more easily. I absorb the feeling after my meditation. I fear less and feel more, and I make sure I note down each meditative experience in my journal.

Give Meditation a Chance

We exist in a society where stress, anxiety, and fear are waiting just around the corner. Meditation helps you to determine how you deal with this. Instead of focusing on the fear, you focus on the ways to overcome it and prepare yourself to face it. Heartfulness Meditation is one of the easiest meditation techniques which guides your attention to the heart and calms your monkey mind. Hence, your ability to focus on a particular thought is enhanced taking you closer to a solution almost instantly. Facing fear is a necessity but how you face it is your choice. Find your solutions through meditation and don’t let fear control you.