Outside In

Brenda Neth

“Meditation brings me in, Yoga brings me out.”

At least, that is what I knew at age 10.

My parents, who were Christians, were also involved in Transcendental Meditation, Zen, and Buddhism. Both did Yoga and encouraged me to learn. I would go to Yoga class with my Sunday school teacher and learn sun salutations, finally resting in the corpse pose. Although it felt awkward, I relished the peaceful music, as well as the quiet time of the meditations.

Early on I also experienced the importance of prayer and healing and being in tune with my body. Nature was all around me, as I lived in the country. Every bird and animal fascinated me and I felt closest to Spirit when I was outdoors with them.

Throughout the years, growing up, I would find opportunities to write and play my flute, or sing harmony with my mother along with the piano in our living room. Although my Yoga classes gave way to bicycle riding and jogging, I still remembered how the positions brought out the peace I felt inside.

By the time I hit college, I was moving beyond the traditions of my parents into the fast-paced world of competitive grades and making plans for the future. Those years were difficult, and life continued to throw me challenges that sometimes I felt I could not overcome.

In 1989, after having various jobs and graduating from college, I hit a spiritual crisis that would change my life forever. It would be then that Heartfulness would gently enter my life and comfort me to wholeness.

At the age of 27, I found myself involved in a short-term destructive relationship. The aftermath brought shame, humiliation, and a sense of loss. I didn’t feel I could go back to my faith. The desolation I felt would be lifted by following the suggestion of a former boyfriend that I try working with a trainer of Heartfulness. It was synchronicity that this trainer was also a musician. Music still played the most significant connection to my spirituality, so I am sure it was no coincidence that even the Guide of Heartfulness at the time, Chariji, was passionate about the flute!

Since then, I have found the closeness of the Guide not only through meditation, but also through the literature that saved me during the times I could not practice. The books would leap out at me with the perfect words for any situation, instructing me to remember, constantly, that the Guide within would carry me through all situations.

There was no social media back then, but I knew I was endlessly connected to Heartfulness.

It seems I am forever a newcomer in this practice, learning daily that I know nothing, intimately, both figuratively and literally. There is so much more inside of me to bring and shine forth. My life has turned inside out as a result of Heartfulness, and for this I am grateful.

On this International Day of Yoga, I wish you many inward journeys and outward joys, no matter what the circumstances.