Meditation – A Budget Free Retreat

Himani Nandwana

Meditation: A No Cost Holiday Package

Who doesn’t like to travel? For some it is snowy mountains or forest treks that tempt them, for others the pristine beaches or the magnificent palaces and forts are a real draw. One thing is clear, the more you travel, the more you crave it – for the soul of a wanderer is always restless.

Recently, my Instagram feed showed an article about how travel enthusiasts are dealing with home quarantine during this difficult time of the Covid-19. At such a time, everyone tries their best to occupy themselves and not get bored with all the spare time. Well, we have something for everybody, traveller or non-traveller, who wants to get a holiday feel during lockdown and a respite from the stay at home routine. We offer you the meditation package.

Meditation is a no-budget retreat that gifts you a holiday to rejuvenate you from within. The best thing about this vacation is it has no price tag attached to it. Unlike alpine or beach holidays, meditation will take you on a journey of imagination creating wonderful memories every single day. This may sound farfetched to those who haven’t tried any meditation ever, but wouldn’t you be up for a cost-free holiday anyway? There’s nothing to lose in trying. So, it’s time to make some indoor-travel plans and take a trip together on our spiritual journey.

    • A vacation with no backpacks

Apart from carrying a zero price tag, there is no packing to do for this vacation and no backpack to be shouldered. When you experience the journey from within, the only thing you need with you is your will. Meditation helps remove all the impressions you accumulate and clears the path to think in a more balanced way. You may roam around through different thoughts and a myriad pictures may flash through your mind while meditating, but as your practice becomes regular, this will reduce and your focus will get direction. It’s a magical journey where all the emotional baggage is let out of your system allowing positivity and simplicity to flow in.

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    • You see everything with closed eyes

When our beloved is miles away and we remember them with closed eyes, we feel that they are with us. Similarly, meditation makes us more receptive and creates a condition within us to savour the beautiful memories we made with our loved ones, visiting various places and the fond moments we experienced together. Isn’t it the most amazing feeling? Tip – Try to feed your mind positive thoughts while you meditate as it gives positive signals to your subconscious mind, which then directs your conscious mind to produce positive results.

    • You may go inside heavy, but come out light

Every day brings a different day. Let’s say yesterday was a bright and happy day for you, and today you feel miserable and not so well. When emotions start piling up it makes our minds heavy. Whether you’re happy or sad, a meditation session brings back the positivity you lost in the day. Heartfulness Meditation practice, where you meditate on the heart, has a very simple and easy technique of cleaning whereby you remove all the impressions you accumulate throughout your day by visualising them leaving from your back in the form of vapour. Hence, though you embark on this journey heavy-hearted, you experience lightness as you come out.

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    • A 20-minute vacation

Time is the most precious resource even when you plan a holiday. You plan your itinerary according to the time and money you have. Most people believe that giving up 20 minutes for meditation can be better utilised to strike a business deal instead. However, when you invest time in a vacation going within, you come out with a more balanced and clear mind. Not only in business but everything else too, you can take firmer decisions with utmost confidence. A 20-minute journey within is a perfect opportunity to think about who you are and what your abilities are, and that makes you the master of time.

    • This holiday is blissful

Make a conviction that meditation can improve your way of living effectively and start this budget-free retreat now. Heartfulness Meditation is a form of meditation that is performed on the heart. It says, bring your attention to the heart and consider that the source of divine light is within you. You can sit for Heartfulness meditation at any time of the day, either alone or in a group. The more you enjoy this journey together, the deeper your experience will be. Get started now and share your holiday experiences with us.

This is the time when we most need it with the world today combating the global pandemic, Covid-19. Let’s meditate together and bring positivity everywhere.

Have a Heartful holiday!