Let Us Meet In Union

Negin Motamed
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Yoga means union, union with the source of our existence, and with all. If we come to the understanding that all of us are one with anything and everything in the universe, I believe we will experience a different reality in this very world. Most of the problems which we are facing in today’s world, such as scarcity of water and food in some parts of the world, environmental pollution everywhere, global warming, political conflicts that we are witnessing throughout the world, and so on, arises out of the absence of this understanding. These problems are a result of seeing ourselves separated, from our fellow human beings, from other species inhabiting the ecology, and from our own immediate environment. Perhaps, that’s why in the desperate times that we are living in, United Nations, in 2015, recognized the importance of Yoga and named June 21st of each year as Yoga Day.

Yoga starts with our body but definitely does not end there. It is indeed only a beginning for our self-inquiry. We start from the most available and tangible part of our being, to bring balance and well-being into it. As we can even see in the course of one session of Hatha Yoga, right from the very beginning when we draw our gaze from outside toward inside, in Shavasana, we start observing deeper emotions and feelings. Observing and noticing are always the first steps to balance and healing.

As we grow in our understanding of ourselves we recognize subtle layers of our being – our thinking faculties, intellect, ego, and consciousness.

We come to this understanding that now we need a subtle form of exercise to bring balance into these subtle layers. Hence the need for applying Raja Yoga, which literary means the King of Yogas. This refers to mental Yoga. That is how meditation comes into the picture as one of the most famous exercises in Raja Yoga. This again is only the beginning…

In the Heartfulness method of meditation, it is very important to meditate on our own to regulate the mind. Equally important are the purification of our subtle bodies through the rejuvenation process and the meditation sessions with the help of trainers. In this method, meditation itself with the help of Yogic transmission becomes a profound experience where you can go deep into Theta state, which is possible from the very first meditation session.

We learn how important it is to use the last moments of our consciousness before we fall asleep at night to create a pure state and a vacuum inside our heart and to put our mind on the right track to be marinated the whole night in unity with our source. We learn the art of staying connected with the source throughout the day, which is quite simple and easy. This Source is everywhere including the core of our being.

It is just a matter of training our consciousness to feel it, to stay aware and conscious of it, to stay connected to it, to lose ourselves in it. It is like a child holding its mother’s hand and following her wherever she goes without any fear or worries about anything, even in a crazy street with all the vehicles passing by.

Then magically life becomes such a simple, pleasant experience. You sit back and let the ride takes you. You just observe with wonder the unfolding of life that is opening before you like a colorful, eternal tapestry. In this journey, Yoga is not something out of reach. You already are in Yoga (union) when you are practicing all the elements of Heartfulness practice.

As Lao Tzu said, “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Let us take the first step together. Maybe we can experience our first session of Hatha Yoga. Maybe we can experience our first meditation session. If we already have experienced Yoga, we might want to bring awareness to our society. If they are already aware of it, emphasizing on its importance can help. Today’s world needs more Yoga. Let us meet on Yoga Day. Let us meet in Union.

We invite you to join us on 21st June, International Day of Yoga, to watch a live webcast here from Daaji, starting 7 AM IST, and available all day.

An Article by Negin Motamed, Heartfulness Trainer, Canada.