How Meditation Helped Me Cope With A Heartbreak

Melba R

What does life have in store for us? We will never know until it is revealed, and this counts towards its beauty. To live our life to the fullest in the present is a way to keep ourselves sane. “People and relationships are hard to handle” is the prevailing illusion. I wish to share with you my experience of what a self- composed person and meditation can do to one’s life.

I met the said person, at random, a year ago. We had common interests, and I found him to be gentle and kind in all his doings. I was inspired by the person that he was, the books he read, and his attitude, which ensured detachment and composure. At any given situation, he would always pause, observe and then respond with all his heart. This pause ensured high emotional intelligence and hassle-free relationships. However, being a sensitive person, I found this personality trait annoying. When my ‘search’ was reformed as ‘find’, I was able to comprehend him better. When we stop searching for certain predefined qualities in others and start finding what they truly possess, life becomes easier.

He knew the art of perceiving happiness and pain alike. He remained optimistic at hard times and believed that there was a reason behind every circumstance. For instance, he often insisted that both happiness and pain ought to be treated alike, for they lend to life experiences. Regard for individual space was rooted deep within him. He believed that relationships must aid a space for individuals to be themselves. This nurtures mutual respect and promotes empathy. His profound consciousness had a remarkable impact on my heart, enabling me to listen to it. His example helped sow these distinct values in me, and they made me a better person.

I fell in love with him, inspired by his character. When I expressed my wonder, his reply was “Meditate”. When I started meditating, my perspective on life underwent a massive transformation. I seemed to become a less prejudiced person; I valued empathy and tried to be as humble as him. Meditation allows us to connect to our inner self and propagate love to the people around us. The balanced mind often unfolds tranquility. We remain immune to outer distractions.

When I expressed my love for him, he was able to communicate his lack of reciprocity in an elegant manner. Though it was hard for me to let go, I had the heart to embrace the truth. Acceptance with grace is the only way out, when two people believe in individual space. Resist not, for it spoils the evolved state.

Meditation allowed me to handle this circumstance pragmatically without going through a period of depression. I admit that it is still hard to accept what happened, but my observations gave me the strength to understand him. It is okay if things don’t happen the way we want them to. Sometimes it is good to simply witness everything as an observer.

Thanks to him, I had a life changing experience that clearly depicts the importance of meditation for better relationships and, indeed, better living. If I had to sum things up, this is what I would want to say– always take the opportunity to observe such inspiring people, for they can be anywhere around you, and practice meditation to allow yourself to become a better person. Everything that you need for a healthy relationship is provided through meditation. He often insists that I just ‘Be a Witness’ for all that happens in my life. Indeed it is the need of the hour!


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