How Meditation Can Help Troubled Mind To Restful Heart?

Heartfulness Editor

It’s been a while since my life was on the right track. I was caged in a mental trap, a slave to my emotions that left me weak and disheartened. And this is what I believe is the chief cause of mental illness too. In today’s hustle-bustle world, people are suffering from various mental problems, including anxiety disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, among others.

A couple of months back I was working for an IT firm under the supervision of multiple managers. People say it’s interesting to work and make money in a field that you like, however, it’s easier said than done. I am a teller of tales who loves to pen down stories as my mood permits but a 9 to 5 doesn’t always make for a merry mood. Very soon, I was asked to deliver more and more in less and less time without much guidance and dominated by punishing schedules to meet targets. And this created a heap of hatred in my heart in no time.

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Ill-feelings in your heart heightens mental illness

As a result, I became a victim of mood swings; I became dull and my behaviour towards others became cold and hostile. It also had an adverse effect on my work life and eventually, shrouded my personal space with the same negativity.

As your heart captures all the unnecessary prevailing negativity, it sends it directly to your mind creating an imbalance in your world. Mental disorders are a serious health concern especially when we are unaware of them and their cause. Hence, it is important to gather all the tension and stress and eject them from our bodies.

Meditate…to feel light and happy

I am now a part of Heartfulness – an opportunity that knocked on my door just like that and changed my life completely. A couple of months ago, spirituality and connection to the soul were alien words to me and I still don’t understand them fully today. However, Heartfulness Meditation has changed my internal design substantially. It’s an ongoing journey towards your heart that makes you better than before each time you meditate.

Moreover, connecting with my inner-self has not only impacted my overall internal structure by bestowing lightness and contentment to my heart but has also started to heal my mind from the nasty thoughts I carried at one point.

It is equally important to consider the impact of mental wellbeing on our physical health because if you’re mentally fit you’re always physically prepared. Heartfulness meditation offers you a cleaning method where you extract all the impressions and grossness from your body thus creating a vacuum to receive divine grace. It’s a wonderful approach to live every day as a happy day. As I meditate more, my sore mind is rested and my heart feels content.

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This is my story of getting out of the several mental health issues that afflicted my life. Tell us your ways of keeping your heart and mind relaxed and free in the comments below.