Heartfulness Meditation – The Elixir Of Life

Gautham Thavva

There has been an eternal quest for the Elixir of Life, Amrit, Fountain of Life, Philosopher’s Stone, across different cultures throughout history. Immortality is very tempting. Youth is the time when one is most energetic. The wish to have the youthful energy forever has been a driving force. The pursuit in the Eastern culture has been on enlightenment at the spiritual level. One focused solely on the spiritual well-being whereas in the West the focus was on the material well-being.

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A Panchatantra tale comes to mind. Four friends returning to their village after completing their studies at a Gurukul, come across a skeleton. One of them who is an expert in reconstructing the skeletal frame applies his skill. The skeletal remains turn out to be that of a lion. Second friend, who has the ability to build flesh and skin, adds them to the lion. The third friend had the ability to bring life. The fourth friend pleads with the third not to proceed as he is planning to bring life to a lion but he is overruled. He however asks the third friend to wait until he climbs up a tree. The third friend brings life to the lion. All the three were ecstatic about their feat but it was short-lived. The lion, which came to life, devoured them as it was hungry. The fourth friend survived and felt pity for his learnt friends. How one applies their knowledge is important.

A blend of Western Mind and Eastern Heart is the perfect mix. Single minded focus for doing any activity is necessary but guidance from the heart is also important. Meditation helps in bringing primacy to the heart. Daaji, the Global guide of Heartfulness Meditation, aptly illustrates it by stating that the material and spiritual planes of existence are like the two wings of a bird but it is the tail which plays a key role in giving direction. Heart can bring the guidance and balance.

The goal is reaching the original condition or original home of the soul at the time of creation. The physical body has a limited life but the soul is eternal. One can have the result of having the “Elixir of Life” if one can unshackle the soul from the physical body while still being alive. There are people who are happy to go through innumerable cycles of life and death, until the time of destruction of the universe. There are people who seek a way out of the Matrix as they feel the need for a higher, meaningful purpose to their life.

The Heartfulness Way is an approach which can assist you in reaching the ultimate goal in a single lifetime and at the same time taking care of one’s duties and responsibilities. One can expand their consciousness from subconscious to the superconscious through this practice. It is only natural that with the enhanced consciousness, you will be able to make wise decisions. One only needs to be willing for practicing the Heartfulness Way and nothing more. The validation happens when you experience the transformation.

The heart centered approach to life has many benefits. It is tailor made for the present modern age where we are short of time. The ultimate goal of God realization may not be the instant pull for few. The benefits like having a regulated mind, stress free life, inner strength and leading a joyful life while nurturing healthy relationships with everybody around you, are worth having. At the same time, the expectations should also be tempered. It doesn’t mean that one will have superlative health, wealth, fame, a beautiful life partner and well-behaved, self-driven children. Balance is guaranteed.

In the modern age, all are racing against time, meeting tight work deadlines, striving for a healthy work-life balance and trying to outdo the competitors. Time is a precious resource. With a regulated mind, you are able to do your task or activity in a more efficient manner. It allows you to do more in the time available to you. Isn’t that a good benefit?

A human life is a boon. Humans are the only species on Earth who have a free will and a mind. Free will to chart out one’s destiny and mind to execute the action plan. We should make a determination to reach the ultimate goal in this lifetime itself. It would be a tragedy if we don’t utilize the opportunity given to us.