Heartfulness is Lovefulness

Dr.Bruce Davis

As more and more people are paying attention to the present moment they are finding a harmony where before they were just on their way to doing what is next. As their awareness takes notice of the little moments of the day instead of being in a rush, their inner world and outer world seem to be talking to one another in the silence. Time, nature, our self appear to be beating as in an interconnected, omnipresent heart. One simple moment is as a grain of sand connected to a living ocean. Simple mindfulness and the world of heartfulness is opening in front and more important within us.

As mindfulness brings us to the beauty of the moment something else is also beginning. Inside everything that we are doing, underneath our thought and feeling is a profound presence. It is the difference between thinking about life and really living. Heart intelligence grows from this direct experience. We are ruled less by the likes and dislikes of personality, finding acceptance, understanding, and the creativity of an expanded self. Our capacity of givingness is finding its source. Awareness is absorbed into an inner world, a realm without boundary, reaching to planets and stars, our true essence.

It is not magic. It does not suddenly happen. For most people meditation is a practice of concentration. We are letting go of thoughts and receiving the peace underneath. We are surprised to discover the space in our heart is an unusual kind of magnet pulling us deeper and deeper inside to a mystical center. It all began for most of us as we found ourselves going inside and landing in inner quiet. Turn off the running fountain of our mind by receiving the quiet of our heart, this is heartfulness meditation.

Suddenly meditation is much more than watching who and what we are in the moment. It is a discipline of falling through the clouds of thought and feeling. The breath of heartfulness is rising and falling, sailing like leaves of all color in autumn’s dance. We are letting go and landing in the silence of the heart. The silence of our heart it turns out is a vastness which changes how we see ourselves and how we see the world. Just breathing in this vastness, we are breathing heart essence. The rich love and peace clears our awareness as a great scrub board brushing off the most stubborn stains. Our persistent thoughts, concerns, desires, memories, all the things which prevent us from seeing clearly, being clear become smaller until they disappear. Who would have thought there is a great cleaner within our own heart? Who would have imagined that finding this inner vastness frees us from our compulsions, habits, judgments, freeing us from ourselves? The warm emptiness of silence, it turns out is a gentle healer of many things.

This is why so many are getting hooked on meditation. A giant game of freedom is being played. As more and more people are tuning inward, our outer world will never be the same. Whether we call it a stress reliever or cosmic map, meditation is finding a home inside us which most of us never knew existed. We are taught everything about the world, everything but what we can find when we travel within. The safety, well being, and awe of our unlimited being is a subject worth knowing. Much of what we search for in the world is found patiently being with everything we are discovering in heartfulness meditation.

If all there was is mindfulness introducing us to the opportunity of living in the moment this would be enough. But for many of us, mindfulness has given birth to heartfulness which is so much more. Living with our heart in the moment is the result of finding a vast universe inside. Each of us are nothing more or less then a brilliant sun, a light without beginning or end. Incredible is what ordinary folks and long time meditators are saying after exploring heartfulness.

We want to meditate, drop anchor in this safe harbor again and again. Thinking and awareness, personality and soul are different things. Heartfulness meditation brings this and much more into focus. We vision a world where children in school, lovers touching love, business and government all are making plans, breathing the same heart essence. Heart essence is clearing our minds, restoring our heart. Heart essence is opening again our inner child, our source of trust, strengthening our awareness, giving us a wholeness which is completed as we share our inner treasure. As simple mindfulness spreads in neighborhood after neighborhood, the garden of heartfulness is growing. Inner quiet is giving birth to a new DNA of being in connectedness. Heartfulness and we are growing awareness to grow a new world.

Republished with permission from Dr.Bruce Davis,Ph.D.

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