Matter Energy And Consciousness

Vaibhav Sisinity

Does the unified field theory – the theory of everything as it’s called – really explain everything?

There is a struggle in the scientific community to neatly tie together all the theories of physics, for they believe there is an inherent structure and order to the universe and it operates inexorably. All exceptions of objects out of orbit, colliding with each other, is still explained as the force of energy from the Big Bang carrying them through the unstable process, but eventually towards an equilibrium. This is achieved out of a collision with other planetary objects in motion, or finding an orbit around a planet or a moon with gravitational equilibrium.

But this theory has again missed the world that has manifestations of metaphysics – a word coined clearly because of the inadequacies of physics alone to explain all things manifested in the universe. The word came about in the mid-16th century, “representing medieval Latin metaphysica (neuter plural), based on Greek ta meta ta phusika, ‘the things after the Physics,’ referring to the sequence of Aristotle’s works: the title came to denote the branch of study treated in the books, later interpreted as meaning ‘the science of things transcending what is physical or natural.” (Google search for word origin)

So, what is beyond physical? Of course it has to do with the mind, which is at the core of manifesting physical and philosophical things. Thoughts, feelings, moods and imagination form part of this mind. Mind is not an organ in the body, like the heart and the brain. The mind is a well-recognized metaphysical organ!!! Out of the mind comes consciousness – the field of action of the mind. But then the components of thinking and their association with the ego (one’s own self) and not the collective oneness of everything, limits its expansion.

This important core element of metaphysics, which is consciousness, is said to be in all things living. Of course, meta-physicists are talking about a range of consciousness from a type of consciousness of a stone to that of angels.

Now coming to the search for a unified theory of really everything both physical and metaphysical, can there be such a theory? It may be possible only if we combine matter with energy, and both with consciousness.

Pictorially, we can explain the components of the unified fields of the physical and the metaphysical as follows:

The participants in the physical world are at the base of the triangle, as they partake more of matter and energy. As they incorporate the life-giving force for consciousness, it becomes possible for them to move up the pyramid to an existence that is in the metaphysical world.

We have the traditional view that matter produces energy and that the two are related. But I wonder if energy can be created without matter. But I may be dismissed by some scientists. But, for instance, today I was tired. I did not want to work out and exercise. Instead I meditated and relaxed. Then I found some energy and went to work out. As I walked beyond 45 minutes, I felt a second wind of energy and continued beyond what I had ever done. It was a physical breakthrough for me, and I came away wondering what gave me this energy. I had not eaten anything and had only relaxed using a yogic technique and meditated. Where did this physical energy come from?

So, a metaphysical act gave a boost to physical manifestation. Energy came out of an act of doing nothing – an act of nothing, or meditation, which perhaps worked on my thinking or conscious resting. In meditating we use or touch consciousness and not much of physical. So, if I got any energy to be used physically it must have come from the plane of metaphysical consciousness.

An equation that came to mind in this context is as follows:

Lq = Pc(m+e)

The quality of life (Lq) is exponentially proportionate to the use of matter and energy (m+e) in the furtherance of purity of consciousness (Pc).

If matter and energy is used for the furtherance of ME – or the ego in me, then development of consciousness can be expressed as follows:

X = C / ME

Where X is the level of frequency of life. The higher the frequency, the more present the being of consciousness is. Conversely, as ME approaches “0” than X tends towards Infinity. What happens when the frequency is high? It can travel long distances without fading away.

So, as we reduce our ego to zero, the consciousness soars towards infinity, and joy, peace and universal love reign supreme. Expressed in frequency it is the epitome of empathy, compassion and universal love and positive action. So, highly conscious people become global redeemers. This is the crux of leadership.

While these may be dismissed as clever imaginations, it was worth exploring the connection between matter, energy and its utilization for boosting one’s ego or for understanding its relationship to one’s consciousness.

If consciousness can be grown or expanded, then the question becomes, what nurtures the consciousness?

In this context, it is necessary to recognize a saint from India named Ram Chandra (1899-1983) who talks about a type of energy called “Transmission” that nurtures human consciousness. He defines transmission as the energy needed for the transformation of man. In his words, “Transmission works in the conversion of matter into energy, and energy into the Ultimate.” –Ram Chandra (Babuji) Complete Works of Ram Chandra v.2, p.359

The Big Bang is largely accepted as the theory that explains how the current universe came into existence from a singularity over 14 billion years ago. From that singularity, massive energy was released, which in turn created matter and eventually life. If this expansionary process reverses itself, what would happen?

In a paper published in Physical Review Letters, physicists Nemanja Kaloper at the University of California, Davis, and Antonio Padilla at the University of Nottingham have proposed the cosmological collapse mechanism and analysed its implications, which include an explanation of dark energy.

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What Ram Chandra says may be a precursor to the possibility of a black hole absorbing all of the manifest universe into its singularity. So, this idea of transmission helping us make that journey back home, is where physics and metaphysics meet. So with this, do we also have a unified theory?

I leave it to scientists, with this axiom: “What saints have intuitively known for a long time seems now for scientists to prove.”