Celebrating Life – Way Easier Than You Think

Himani Nandwana

I fancy holidays as I truly feel merry and bright. It’s the time when I book a hotel and tickets for a flight, and I’m off to a destination that keeps my laptop away from me. For some time, I defined celebrating life as a period of “days” where I could easily get into the spirit of joy, excitement, and jubilation. But, just as the “days” pass by, the enthusiasm and motivation vanish.

I feel that the same applies to achievements and accomplishments, too. We never allow ourselves to acknowledge our achievements, let alone throw up our arms and do a victory dance. It’s all about practicing the feeling of gratitude that makes way for celebrating life. Whether it’s being excited every day or looking forward to each morning, practicing gratitude, and giving to others – all of this is possible to do – every single day!

Why wait?

I have a bunch of friends between 25 and 30 years who have started their ‘retirement planning’. When I hear someone making plans for retirement by saving money, investing in stocks, or planning to buy properties, it astounds me! Let me ask you a question.
How will you live to the fullest in the future when your present is in a hurry? It’s no different than “pulling through” the week to make the weekend enjoyable. Live today!

YOU are important

Just do one thing a day for you. Invest some time in yourself. This should be non-negotiable. You are not spending a single penny to make yourself a priority. Try to spend some time with yourself, even if it’s for only a day. Sit in silence or meditate. Perhaps, try taking a walk in nature or write what you feel grateful for in a journal. Small moments of peace make you feel strong, inside and out. This little me-time makes you feel that YOU are important!

Grab the garbage and take it out

You must have heard the phrase “garbage in, garbage out” in the context of computer programming, and the same applies to life too. A pile of garbage thoughts leads to wrong actions.
The simplest ever practice that came to my help is a meditation technique. The Heartfulness meditation cleaning technique slowly helped me overcome complexities in my life and helped me connect to my true self. A happy and joyful self.

Start celebrating today!

A cancer patient once said to me, “I have learned that even in the most difficult times, there is always something to be grateful for. No matter how bad things are, there is still hope” Life is not easy for such people but finding ways to make it easy is their call.

Celebration, joy, happiness, kindness, freedom don’t have to wait. After all, it starts with YOU. When you are alive, isn’t that alone a reason for celebration?