A Non-Demanding Practice

Amey Mahant

How often have you felt stressed with the demands of life? It seems like countless strings are pulling us in multiple directions, each demanding equal attention. And it doesn’t help that long commutes to work and seemingly endless office hours leave us with very little ‘me’ time. This was one of the biggest challenges for me in developing a regular daily meditation practice.

However, the Heartfulness practices of meditation, cleaning, and prayer were so flexible and easy to understand, that I adopted them quite easily.

For instance, I would often spend about 10-11 hours at work, and travel for another 2 hours to reach home. Considering that I spent a similar travel time to reach the office, I would often come home exhausted from a grueling 15-hour workday. This is where introducing the Heartfulness Cleaning method became invaluable for me. After such stressful days, doing my cleaning the moment I arrived home helped me to fine tune my perturbed state of mind, thereby avoiding any conflicts due to my mood swings. It started off as just a 15 minute investment, but the payoffs to integrating cleaning into my daily schedule were great.

Though meditation is a more passive activity than cleaning, it has also helped me tremendously in achieving a peaceful and steady state of mind on a daily basis. A 15-20 minute Heartfulness Meditation with Yogic Transmission in the morning is often enough to enable a sound start to my day, helping me focus in a better fashion. If difficult situations arise in the course of the day, the morning’s meditation acts like a “cushion,” helping me to pause and respond rather than react. It has been encouraging to notice how consistently meditating over the past few years has improved my demeanor significantly.

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Since I started my Heartfulness practice, I have been in awe of the “non-demanding” nature of the practice. As a new meditator, I took my own sweet time to analyze and experiment with the three main practices: meditation, cleaning, and prayer. The day I realized that experimentation is actually encouraged in Heartfulness was a very welcome moment for me. Flexibility, complete transparency, and openness to ask questions appealed to my heart instantly. But this flexibility did not compromise the efficacy of the system in any way because, once I followed it diligently, it started transforming me into a better human being.

The best part was that I did not need to anchor my expectations in someone else’s experiences. I was absolutely free to test the practice and it’s worth for myself, by regularly practicing meditation, cleaning, and prayer and by evaluating its effect on me. Willingness to try and a keen interest to explore my inner world were all that I needed to embark on this exciting journey. Looking back, I am glad I decided to take the first step and I can’t wait for what else is in store.

I wish you the best for this spiritual adventure!