About Heartfulness

Humanity’s way forward

is through the heart

Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the light and love in our hearts. Through our network of thousands of global HeartSpots and one magnificent smartphone app, we offer the world a daily practice that awakens our potential for simple, joyful existence. This precious gift of human transformation is offered free of charge.

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The Four Guides



Shri Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, affectionately known as Lalaji, was the first guru in the Heartfulness tradition. He revived the ancient art of Yogic Transmission so that all seekers with sincere interest in their evolution could experience…

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Lalaji’s successor was also called Shri Ram Chandra, and is known as Babuji. He too lived in Uttar Pradesh, in the town of Shahjahanpur. Living a family life, he had a career as a clerk in the local court for more than thirty years…

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Babuji’s successor was Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, and he is known as Chariji. He was born near Chennai in the South of India and was educated in the British system, graduating from Benaras Hindu University with a Bachelor of Science degree…

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Kamlesh Patel

Known to many as Daaji, his teachings on Heartfulness Meditation arise from his personal experience, while reflecting his deep spirit of enquiry and respect for the world’s great spiritual traditions and scientific advancements…

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In Person with a Trainer

Experience meditation, ask questions, and meet other like-minded seekers.
There are 6,000 Heartfulness Centers worldwide. To find the HeartSpot near you:

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HeartsApp by Heartfulness

Meditate Anytime Anywhere

Mobile App to relax, meditate, rejuvenate and connect. Meditate with a trainer online using the App.

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Our Spiritual Journey Has Guidebooks

the heartfulness way book


Heart Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation.


designing destiny book


Heartfulness Practices to Find Your Purpose and Fulfill Your Potential.


heartfulness magazine

Heartfulness MAGAZINE

Receive useful tips from around the world on lifestyle, relationships, health and well-being, Yoga, Heartfulness and much more.



This is an amazing program that you have. All of the presenters were extremely professional, and I could feel the passion as they presented. I feel honored to have been a part of your program and would invite you and the Heartfulness Institute to come on a regular basis. I know there are many others who would enjoy the program.

Dr Hoyt Ross
CEO, Promise Hospital, Oxford, FL, USA

I am short of words as meditation has very positive results. Physicians participating in Heartfulness training report enhanced personal well-being, decreased burnout, and improved attitude towards patient care. I am sure you will also realize a positive change.

Dr Mansee Thakur
I/C Director, MGM Institute of Health Science, India.

We got the confidence that we can face any problem in our life. The program helped us in thinking in the correct way and understanding the feelings of others. It helped me create a new personality. It helped me listen to my soul rather than my mind. Before this I was a rock, now I am a well with artist’s work filled with values. Thank you for your help in building my character.

10th Standard Students
JNV Pedavegi, India

I started meditating to help reduce the stress of my busy job and get some balance in my life. Quite simply Heartfulness meditation has changed my life. The gifts include better management of my active mind, seeing the good in people and everyday experiences and an aspiration to be the best person I can be. The facilitation/HR work that I do and my relationships with friends and family has truly grown in a positive and quality way. Heartfulness meditation does require dedication and commitment to get the full benefits. It’s a bit like going to the gym – you can’t expect to get fit if you only work out once a week.

Tania Gough
HR Consultant, New Zealand

Learning about and practicing Heartfulness Mediation has made a significant impact on me and my family. Through our participation we have experienced a calm that resonates throughout the day and our relationships have improved as a result. I was encouraged to go to a group sitting for beginners by a friend who found it helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. The technique was easy to learn and I have found the mentors genuine in their desire to share what they have learnt. Heartfulness Meditation has become a vital part of my daily life now and I recommend it with all sincerity.

Jo Jack
Teacher, New Zealand

It has been a delight working with the Jacksonville branch of Heartfulness. The twice a month meditation and relaxation sessions at the Orange Park Branch Library have introduced our patrons to the practice of meditation and to its health benefits. But more importantly, as many patrons have expressed, the sessions have reminded them to take time for themselves; to live in the moment, and to embrace the positives of life.

Jazmin Ortiz
Library Clerk | Orange Park Branch Library

We would like to thank for your continuous presence at our library. After your first term, several patrons requested the return of the Heartfulness Meditation program in every term. We did not think twice when we decided to contact you again. We hope that we will be able to continue your wonderful program this fall and we will be very happy to recommend you to other libraries as well.

Spyros Tsompanakis
M.L.I.S. (W.S.U.), M.A.Mus. (E.M.U.)
Technology and Adult Services Librarian, Pontiac Library

I have promoted meditation to my patients for years as medical studies show its ability to help rebalance sympathetic/parasympathetic tone. It can lower cortisol levels, reduce blood pressure and improve sleep patterns. I have learned many things from my experience. I would recommend meditation to every living being.

Dr Gary Huber

For the last 6 months, Los Gatos UMC has been blessed to share weekly Heartfulness Meditation classes by a long time practioner and trainer of this gentle, heart-centered meditation. Members of our church and community who have joined the classes experience greater relaxation, less anxiety, calmer thoughts and increased compassion and joy.

Jennifer Murdock
Pastor, Los Gatos United Methodist Church, California

Every day we started with Heartfulness Meditation.  The children were able to get into a relaxed state for between 10 and 15 minutes I was extremely happy when there were days when the children would come into the room asking to meditate!!

Lynn Copeland
Urban Ridge Realty, Juvenile Detention Village