Sitaare Zameen Par

Every Child is a Star

Brighter Minds Presents India Tour
Grand Performance by Shankar Mahadevan and band

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Mega Event
11 November 2018, Hyderabad
Talent, Melody left them breathless
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This children’s day
a night of music, fun & learning

Sitaare Zameen Par!


11 November 2018
4PM – 8PM


Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad

Who are invited




What to expect

An evening of soulful music, performed by Shankar Mahadevan

The Brighter Minds children in action as they conquer intuition and memory through blind fold activities

Announcement of Shankar Mahadevan as Brand Ambassador of Brighter Minds

Brighter Minds
Philosophy of

Sitaare Zameen Par

We at Brighter Minds, believe that every child has the potential to be star

By providing a proper learning environment and the right cognitive interventions, every child is enabled to unleash the infinite potential they possess

Shankar Mahadevan:
Embodiment of
Sitaare Zameen Par

One has to only listen to his song Breathless to know that Shankar Mahadevan is an unparelleled Sitara.

Immensely talented, he has managed to cut across all barriers of age, language and gender. His soulful music and melodious voice are a world wide hit.

As a Brighter Minds Sitaara, Shankar Mahadevan will bring the program to parents, teachers and children through his India tour of Brighter Minds, “Sitaare Zameen Par”

A gift for A lifetime

The mission of Brighter Minds is to inspire and equip every child with tools and methods to enhance cognitive functioning for achieving personal excellence and to instill confidence in oneself.

Brighter Minds believes that every child is unique. In other words, when a child is exposed to a positive environment of love, joy and encouragement, it can result in an open heart and emotional stability that can help in unleashing its full potential.

By keeping the child in a happy & relaxed state, we at Brighter Minds provide a joyous and interest filled learning environment. This, coupled with a few scientifically proven techniques can ensure that learning happens at a much faster and efficient rate without pressurizing the child. The result is a confident, focused child with a great affinity and potential to learn. This is the basic principle behind the interventions used in Brighter Minds.

Outcome of the Brighter Minds Program as observed by Parents

Media Coverage

Sitaare Zameen Par

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Where music met mind techniques

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Enthralled and Enraptured

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Sitaare Zameen Par

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Sitaare Zameen Par

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Sitaare Zameen Par

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Sitaare Zameen Par

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Sitaare Zameen Par

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Sitaare Zameen Par

Article by : Andhra Jyothi

Sitaare Zameen Par

Article by : Namasthe Telangana


Article by : The New Indian Express

Shankar Mahadevan to perform in city

Article by : Telangana Today

Talent, Melody left them breathless on Nov 11 in Hyderabad

Article by : Times of India – Hyderabad Edition

‘Sitaare Zameen Par’ on 11th

Article by : Andhra Jyothi

Press Release

Heartfulness Institute to host ‘Sitaare Zameen Par’ a Brighter Minds and Shankar Mahadevan event

Entry Free event on 11th November 2018, as a gift to an expected audience of 25,000 – 30,000 children, parents and teachers to coincide with children’s day

Hyderabad, November 1st, 2018: Heartfulness Institute, ( will be hosting renowned singer Shankar Mahadevan for ‘Sitaare Zameen Par’ event at the Gachibowli Sports Complex in Hyderabad on Sunday, November 11th, 2018. The event will unveil the Brighter Minds program and its life altering benefits to millions along with a ’Breathless’ performance from Shankar Mahadevan.

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