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Youth Dhyanotsav

Heartful invitation to one and all with family & friends for a 3 day Program
to enhance your Happiness, Peace & Overall Wellness
Heartfulness MEDITATION

Train your brain
Connect with your inner self

21st, 22nd & 23rd December 2019

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Venue: Deccan Centre, Pune.

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3 Day Heartfulness – Pune Youth Dhyanotsav – Deccan centre – for Competitive Exam Aspirants
21, 22, 23 – December 2019

A 3 day HFN was organised for Competitive Exam Aspirants in Deccan Centre, Pune Metro Zone, targeting youth in Peth areas (the oldest part of and the heart of Pune)
This has been an initiative conceived and implemented by the youth volunteers of our centre. They reached out to 8000 students, through individual invitations they made in Study Centres.
On day 1,we had 700 participants – both halls full to capacity! Sr Lakshmi Wadekar and Sr Anjali Bapat conducted session and Sr Alaknanda Mane gave a sitting also gave some words of advice to the participants regarding how Heartfulness Meditation helps in this field. We distributed (Chikki) as prasad on day 1.
Around 500 participants attended day 2. Br Gautam Birhade and Sr Anjali Dhamal spoke to the students and gave really valuable inputs. The session on cleaning was conducted by Br Shubham Bahekar. He gave examples that connected well with the youth, and explained the technique in clear and simple terms. Sitting was given by Br Gautam Birhade.
Day 2 ended on a high note! We distributed dry bhel packets on 2nd day.
Day 3 – Again there were 500 participants. Few had come for the first time but most were attending all three days. Sr Anjali Bapat conducted the session on Connecting with the Inner Self. Br Umakant Kondapure had come all the way from Solapur to be part of the session. He then spoke with the students and gave a beautiful examples that really connected with the students, and touched their hearts. He also conducted the sitting. He told them about the upcoming International Meditation Retreat at Kanha Shantivanam. The response was amazing, with many coming after the session, asking how to register for this! We distributed Samosa on day 3
At the end, all our youth volunteers who had worked tirelessly, day and night, were called on stage. They introduced themselves and which library they could be contacted in. The participants were really moved to see youngsters just like them, working so tirelessly just for their benefit, with no selfish motive whatsoever.
Special Thanks to our centre coordinator Sr Anjali Bapat who have supported and encouraged us throughout the dhyanotsav.

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