360 degrees – Love

“Love is a noble quality that needs to be intensely called upon from deep within the heart. Keep on focusing your life on Love. It is at the root of any process. Yet, Love is not innate in everyone. One has to call on it intensely and make it one’s daily food to quench one’s thirst continuously at the Source.…… Read More.

Meditation Helped Me Win My Life Back

Meditation Helped Me Win My Life Back

When I was 16, I discovered Heartfulness meditation. My practice began with the relaxation technique, followed by meditation for 30 minutes a day. Initially, my experience with meditation was very ordinary, it was more about the enthusiasm of doing something new rather than understanding what it was all about. With the practice, I inculcated valuable things in my life –…… Read More.

Tips for Exam

4 Essential Tips for Exam Wizardry

4 Essential Tips for Exam Wizardry Exams are an unavoidable part of our academic and even professional life. The modern-day workplace with its constant demand for upskilling and updating resumes has made learning and consequently examinations, a continuous part of life’s journey. With three Masters-in-law degrees I have learned a few things which have helped me excel in exams. How…… Read More.

Remover of Obstacles

Meditation – The Remover of Obstacles #HumansOfHeartfulness

If I had told my 10-year-old self that I would grow up someday to become a content and successful woman, I would have never believed myself then! When I was a child, I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia. It affected my walking, my speech, and my heart. It was mentally very, very exhausting. Heartfulness meditation…… Read More.