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17-18 October 2020

Moscow Time: 14:00-19:00

international Youth webinar


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Date: 17-18 October
Time: 14:00 – 19:00

Modern world is full of opportunities and prospects for personal development.
However, we are under a great pressure from an information overload; rapidly evolving digital technologies; ever-changing trends and the speed of life in general.
How do we remain ourselves in such conditions and learn to listen to ourselves and go in the right direction?
During our event we will try to figure it out with our speakers together


Kamlesh Patel
Founder and Guide, Heartfulness Institute

Joshua Pollock
Artist, Best Selling Author, Heartfulness trainer

Olga Konovalova
Designer, PhD in Art Science

Arun Khurana
Businessman, stand-up comedian

Anastasia Shienok
HR specialist, tennis coach

Martha Vasilkevich
3d-Visualizer, eco-volunteer

Lila Kurse
IT engineer

Sergey Bogdanov
Process Chemical Engineer

Valeria Gospodareva
Hospitality and Tourism Occupational Teacher

Nadezhda Damkovskaia
Wellness adept, business lady

Dasha Kotwani
Event manager

Usha Rk.
JNCC Director, Arts Consultant

Natalia Blohina
Сulturologist, MA in Cultural Management


A global youth community based on the Heartfulness Institute.

We hope to inspire youth and give them the opportunity to reveal themselves from the inside, realize inner potential and develop towards their own ideals.

Starting April 2020, the Youth 2.0 team launched a series of online youth seminars that have already been successfully completed in India, America, Europe, Oceania and Africa.



Participants are required to be above 15, for this event.

Yes, this is for the young at heart.

Sessions will be live on Youth 2.0 Youtube channel. You can access them on

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Your interest and an Internet connection!

No, this is a free event. We don’t discriminate between our sessions 😛

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