Reinventing YOUth

Join in on a virtual global youth retreat

7th & 8th November 2020

11 am SGT | 8:30 am IST

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November 7th 2020

11am – 3pm SGT

November 8th 2020

11am – 3pm SGT

All sessions will be conducted in English

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About Us

Youth 2.0 after traversing many parts of the world, has now arrived at our very own ASEAN region! YOUth 2.0 ASEAN+ aspires to give you the opportunity to see beyond what meets the eye during our time of crisis.
Pick your YOUth spirits up as we Arise (to the current call), Awake (to face the challenges) & Act (as a united front) towards evolving physically, mentally and spiritually.
This event is a 2 day series of interactive presentations and panel discussions hosted by young and fiery hearts along with experts from fields surrounding mental health and wellbeing.
This November is all about awakening our inner spirit as we Arise, Awake and Act together, to taste a zestful change in our lives from the comfort of our very own homes!


Leadership could mean different things to different people but one thing that remains constant amongst leaders is the ability to inspire and motivate those around them. A leader has an unquenchable thirst for improvement.


“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness” – Abraham Maslow. We often get carried away in thoughts about our future or past forgetting that this very moment is precious.


“Community is much more than belonging to something, it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter” – Brian Solis. We are the drops and the ocean itself. Realising this makes us humble, kind and stronger individuals.


“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream”. In our fast paced lives, let’s take out time for ourselves to listen, heal & grow. Only when the mind and body are it can we focus on self improvement & evolution.


Listen to your inner compass. The more we pay attention to these subtle messages, the louder they will get. So listen close!


The current call of nature has made us ARISE from our illusions.


As we AWAKEN our potential in preparing ourselves towards discovering the real goal of our life.


We now ACT as a united force against all predicaments of our time to bring a positive change to our quality of life!
Youth 2.0 is designed for young adults between the ages 15-30 who are interested in enriching their lives and experiencing inner transformation.
1. Participate in a Q&A with our incredible keynote speakers
2. Engage in breakout sessions facilitated by a diverse group of health and wellness leaders.
3. Interact with a global community of young adults through small group discussions.
4. Learn implementable and effective mental models and habits.
5. Take home an Action Plan Toolkit of key takeaways and insights from experts.
6. Access free e-books, magazines, and personal growth mentorship opportunities

Join the Community

Kamlesh Patel
Founder and Guide, Heartfulness Institute

Yogendra Puranik
City Councillor
Edogawa City, Tokyo

Manish Arneja
Managing Partner,
The Resilience Institute

Will Anstee
CEO, TotallyAwesome

Joy Hou
Founder, EmpathyWorks, Psychological Wellness

Jean-Michel Wu
Director of Tripitakka & Partner, Pedersen and Partners

Aditya Kanathala
Manager, Digital GTM Customer Experiences, Intel Corporation

Alexius Cheang
Lecturer in Psychology, International Medical University

Trevor Weltman
Chief of Staff, Pacific Asia Travel Association

Tiara Chen
Certified Yoga Trainer

Samrita Adwani
Entrepreneur in Health and Well-being

Ichha Bhan
Counsellor and Remedial Educator, Glendale Edufun International School

Participants are required to be above 16, for this event.

Yes, this is for the young at heart.

The event will be live streamed on our Facebook group and Youtube channel. Please make sure you are subscribed to both, that way we can stay in touch and send you updates.

Read our “About” section 🙂

Your interest and an Internet connection!

No, this is a free event. We don’t discriminate between our sessions 😛

Heartfulness is a global non-profit organisation teaching simple relaxation and meditation. Please read more about it here

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