Why Detox Anger?


If misused, the fire of anger can destroy a happy family, friendship and peace of mind. It can lead to bitterness and revenge, self-affliction, loss of self-confidence and loss of courage.  Anger affects your body, mind, and heart. It is a contraction of energy manifesting as stiffness in the body, physical dysfunction, and a loss of energy, sensitivity, and awareness. It leads to an uncontrollable flow of energy through emotion, thought and action. How to deal with such energy distortions?

There are also physical effects, such as cardiac incoherence, prolonged high BP, hormonal disorders, alteration of the immune system, decrease in concentration, etc. Anger can arise for many reasons, including:
• Unfulfilled desires, and rejected or neglected expectations,
• Failed plans,
• Inner lack,
• Someone is not listening to your requests, not following protocol, reminding you of your defects, saying, “I told you so!” etc., and
• Discord and insults.

Anger destroys individual peace, so can it promote happiness? No peaceful soul wants to associate with angry individuals. This is the disadvantage of being angry a lot of the time, as unhappiness multiplies in the absence of affectionate associates. It also results later on in feelings of guilt and shame, with the resulting loss of self-esteem. Then the emotional burden becomes even heavier.
Anger and rage do not allow clear thinking. In the absence of clear thinking, imagine the kinds of the decision you will make! In the absence of flourishing good qualities, what sort of destiny can you build? Having lost the purity of intentions, how can you weave a destiny with the Divine?

Buddha once said, “Someone may use unkind words and may try to humiliate you, but that is his problem. If you react, you are a slave. Don’t react; end of the story.” Instead of being a slave, learn to master your emotions. By becoming fully aware of your own anger and developing a greater understanding, it is possible to deal with anger effectively and use it as a catalyst for self-growth and self-transformation.

Here are a few tried and tested techniques to master anger and its effects. You will also learn a set of meditations to remove any negative tendencies and fill your heart with peace, joy, and Divinity. As you learn and practice these techniques, remind yourself that you are only an impartial witness, observing your traits as lovingly as possible, with a lot of self-acceptance. If you have any underlying medical or psychological problem, please seek medical help and use these techniques as complementary methods in discussion with your treating physician.