What makes Heartfulness unique amongst so many traditions and paths?

Comparison is not the only way to assess value. For example, before you can enjoy a mango, do you first sample five or six other pieces of fruit to conclude that the mango is good? No, you simply enjoy the mango. You are happy to eat it. Similarly, when your heart is convinced by your experience with a particular practice, is there a need to continue searching and comparing? We only search and compare when our hearts are not yet satisfied. When our hearts are content, we need no further proof.

At times, however, the mind requires its own confirmation. In that case, please feel free to conduct your own experiment in which you compare various approaches. It is best to adopt a systematic approach. First, meditate on your own, using a method you already know or would like to try, including Heartfulness Meditation if you wish, but do it on your own, without the assistance of a Heartfulness trainer.

You can continue experimenting in this way for as long as you like with as many methods as you like. When you feel ready to experience the effects of Heartfulness with yogic Transmission, then meditate along with a trainer. This will allow you to verify the claim that yogic Transmission is the catalyst for the transformation experienced through Heartfulness.

Along with yogic Transmission, the other Heartfulness practices are also unique and have their own special value, but despite their uniqueness it is up to you to assess that value.