International Yoga Day – 2019 in Dubai

Yoga day in Dubai kicks off with the first session in our Heartfulness Meditation Centre in Jumeirah Lake Towers Cluster C. Hon. Consulate General of India in Dubai Shri Vipul would grace the occasion with his heartfelt participation in our Heartfulness Yoga followed by Relaxation & Meditation. In the evening, Heartfulness is playing an active part in participating in the…… Read More.

compassion revolution

The Compassion Revolution: the compassion that was my grandparents

The word compassion takes me back to my childhood days and my grandparents who were the very embodiment of this expression. They had no money and lived a very simple life, but this never stopped them from helping anyone in need irrespective of caste, color or religion that were some of the dividing factors in their village. Their pure-heartedness meant…… Read More.

Flowers - The three eyes of compassion

The Three I’s of Compassion

What Exactly is Compassion? ‘Compassion’ is a word often used in matters of spirituality and personal development. It’s a critical concept, both for working toward self-growth and for achieving world peace. However, what would you say is the full meaning of compassion? For me, compassion has three components – the intentions behind our actions, the need to include everyone equally,…… Read More.