Heartfulness meditation practices and micro-practices for well being, happiness and spiritual growth, detox practices for anger, stress, fear and passion, along with answers to common questions about the practices.


Simple Heartfulness Practices offer a very effective solution to many of the challenges we face in today’s complex world. Some of us need to destress, others to detox, some to connect with our hearts, others to feel peace. Still others are looking for Self-Realization or oneness with the Ultimate. What ever the reason, more and more of us feel the need to meditate.
How to step from the external world of constant engagement, to the inner world of silence and stillness? How to find the reset button to feel that change within? And how to emerge from our attempts at meditation refreshed and deeply connected?
The guides of Heartfulness have researched this for over a century, distilling the essence of the ancient practices of Yoga and creating a simple set of practices for modern life. They are described in this simple manual, which is in three sections:
    The four core practices of Heartfulness are outlined with clear instructions – Relaxation, Meditation, Mental Cleaning and Inner Connection.
    Common questions about Heartfulness, with simple clear answers.
    A set of guided practices to detoxify anger, fear, stress and passion.
The result is joyful, balanced, peaceful living – living from the heart, guided by the heart, with a sense of purpose.
This practical guidebook by Kamlesh D. Patel, who is also known as Daaji, is a companion to the HeartsApp for mobile phones, which has the guided Heartfulness practices and many other resources to help you on your journey.

About the

Kamlesh Patel is known widely as Daaji. His teachings arise from his personal experience on the path of Heartfulness, while reflecting his deep spirit of enquiry and respect for the world’s great spiritual traditions and scientific advancements.

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