Restore Positivity


Anger leaves an impression on your heart. Though the anger may have passed, the emotional memory may still remain and become the seed for a future bout of anger. This can become a habit. Flooding the heart with higher love can dissolve the habit and offer permanent freedom.


• Gently close your eyes and let your body relax.
• Feel you are deeply connected to the Source.
• With a humble attitude, offer your heart like an empty cup to be filled.
• Feel any resistance is softening.
• Imagine a feeling of lightness descending into you from above, gently washing over your entire body.
• The source of Light is awakening in your heart. It is attracting you inward. Rest your attention there.
• If any thoughts come, let them pass through you.
• Return to the source of light in your heart. It is drawing you inward.
• Allow yourself to become one with it.
• Remain absorbed in this inner embrace for as long as you like.