Remove the Root Cause of Fear


Here are two very effective methods to remove the root cause of fear:

Method 1 is for general fear of situations, places, events, etc


• Imagine the divine current is flowing from above you.
• Draw the current down to your heart.
• Now let this current move towards your left shoulder, then let it descend down your arm to your biceps, your elbow, your wrist, your hand and then flow out through the fingertips of your left hand.
• While this flow is going on, think that heaviness, complexities, impurities, and fears are going out of your system along with the flow.
• Continue this process for two to three minutes, then gently taper the flow.
• Now again let the divine current be drawn down from above your head to your heart, and let it continue down through your left lower torso, through your left thigh and knee down to your left foot and out through the toes of your left foot.
• Continue this process for two to three minutes and then gently taper the process.
• Bring your attention once again above your head, and allow the current to flow down to your heart. From the heart divert it to your right shoulder and down your right arm all the way to your fingertips. It should be a very gentle process. Continue this process for two to three minutes and then gently taper the process.
• Then do the same thing on the right side from above your head to your heart, and then down through your torso and down your right leg to your right foot.
• When this energy is flowing out through the toes of your right foot, be sure to remove any heaviness from the right big toe.
• Repeat the whole process one more time if you feel that there is still fear or heaviness in your system.
• In the end, with confidence, affirm that you are completely cleaned of all fears and complexities, and that purity and simplicity are restored.

Method 2: for fear about a person


• Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
• Imagine the form of the person in front of you.
• Have the thought that, “This person is my friend and wellwisher.”
• Think that all negative thoughts the person has about you are going, and thoughts related to your welfare have been infused in them instead.
• Whenever you have the opportunity to go near the person, gently and subtly pay attention very indirectly to their face, without staring.
• When you breathe out, have the thought that particles of your love and affection are entering their hearts.
• When you breathe in, have the thought that you are pulling all the negative thoughts they have about you from their heart and throwing them aside.
• Initially, this task may seem difficult and you may feel resistance, but if you are courageous it will become easy as you practice it.