Lovers Don’t Beg

Brenda Neth

Before I started Heartfulness Meditation, I looked at prayer as a means of getting what I wanted. Prayer was like a spiritual Rubik’s Cube. I tried many ‘correct’ ways of praying to get much anticipated results, but was met with many disappointments. I couldn’t figure out the puzzle despite having what I felt was the correct algorithm. I was like a beggar toward Nature, I didn’t understand her ways. My emotions vacillated with every desire and whim.

I worked with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT) to master my stormy emotions, but it wasn’t until I truly grasped the meaning behind the Heartfulness way of meditating and cleaning that I would find peace.

The Guides of Heartfulness have often mentioned the saying, “Lovers don’t beg.” They encourage everyone to be like Lovers with the Ultimate Source. No words are spoken, yet those who are united with their Beloved know that they will be given what they need, not necessarily what they want.

With this love, my begging for answers ceased. I began to trust that everything within me was from the Beloved, neither to be feared nor praised. By accepting my heart’s answers, I was no longer fighting myself or my higher purpose, no longer in need to judge the answers that I was given. Time and time again, when I followed through with the soft whispers coming from my heart, I found my actions to be correct. My thoughts of doubt gave way to relief and gratitude. I was becoming the Lover of my own soul.

As I grew from beggar to lover, my confidence became a quiet daily companion. So did humility. I was no longer a little child tugging on the sleeve of a parent. I was an adult taking responsibility for my own part in destiny – in my thoughts, my actions, and my emotions. I was spiritually growing up.

Through this growth, I learned how to pray truthfully, without expectation or manipulation of Reality. I could not know what was best for others. I could only extend the light within my heart to theirs.

Recently I learned of various prayerful suggestions in the Heartfulness practice which can be made throughout the day. Perhaps my favorite prayer is the suggestion that, “Everyone is developing correct thinking, right understanding and an honest approach to life. They are attaining rightness in action and perfection in character.” This has kept me out of the cobwebs of fear and criticism of others. I have moved into a peaceful place, growing in trust with others. I have seen conflicts melt away when I believe all are deeply absorbed in Godly remembrance. For these prayers to work effectively, I have realized that I must continue my work with meditation and cleaning on a daily basis. I feel the need to work more diligently when I know these prayers are working for others, as well as for myself. We can all become Lovers of the Soul. We can all find sanctuary in the heart.