Are you a Heartfulness Practitioner struggling
with any of the following?

Finding clarity in life

Feeling confused on the spiritual path

Integrating Heartfulness practices into your daily life

Grounding yourself spiritually

Understanding spiritual experiences

Feeling isolated as a spiritual seeker in a material world

Walk Down the Wisdom Bridge at
Office Hours with the Elders

Powerful hour-long Q&A sessions with highly experienced Heartfulness Practitioners

Ask burning questions

Every Office Hours event is structured as a question and answer session where anyone can feel free to put questions about life and spirituality to the designated Elder(s) on the call.

Hear our Elders’ wisdom.

Benefit from the accumulated wisdom of experienced Heartfulness Practitioners who have been meditating for an average of 30-50 years.

Meditate with a group

Each Office Hours session is preceded by a 30-minute Zoom satsangh, or group meditation, led by one of our Elders.

Why join Office Hours with the Elders?

Feel a sense of enhanced clarity

Walk away with a sense of inspiration & wonder

Deepen your spiritual pursuit

Renew your enthusiasm for the spiritual journey

Find answers

Ground yourself in the Heartfulness practice

Connect with a spiritual community

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Office Hours with the Elders