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How meditation can help Troubled Mind to Restful Heart?

It’s been a while since my life was on the right track. I was caged in a mental trap, a slave to my emotions that left me weak and disheartened. And this is what I believe is the chief cause of mental illness too. In today’s hustle-bustle world, people are suffering from various mental problems, including anxiety disorder, depression, post-traumatic…… Read More.



From the heART of a 14-Year-Old

I’m just another teenager interested in the usual teenager stuff. My parents are meditators, and I’ve grown up watching them and many other people, young and old, meditating. I’ve been both curious and fascinated by the idea of light, energy, and vibration. With time there was a longing to experience it myself, until October of 2019, when it became a…… Read More.


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Meditation: The Calm During a Storm

After nearly nine years of meditation, I know meditation helps me stay calm during stressful situations. And this was made clear to me one fateful morning at my job. A few years into my career as a veterinarian, I walked into work one day and found four patients waiting for me, each with life-threatening medical emergencies. All four needed immediate…… Read More.


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Don’t Fear The Mountain

What does it mean to be in a loving relationship? How does one become selfless? How much does perfectionism help or hinder us as we develop spiritual partnerships with each other? I have not been successful in past relationships where I felt the need to dominate. The more I tried to control, the more overwhelmed and frustrated I would become…… Read More.


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A Non-Demanding Practice

How often have you felt stressed with the demands of life? It seems like countless strings are pulling us in multiple directions, each demanding equal attention. And it doesn’t help that long commutes to work and seemingly endless office hours leave us with very little ‘me’ time. This was one of the biggest challenges for me in developing a regular…… Read More.



Meditation: Going Beyond Easy and Difficult

“A dream that I state, to live free and meditate To become better and remove a trait, my dream to meditate To be yours, to relate, a wish to meditate Today I am doing great, because I love to meditate” Veterans of meditation often talk about their blissful experiences with meditation, their ability to meditate on-demand and how life-changing meditation…… Read More.


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Meditation — From a Compulsion to a Lifestyle

A couple of weeks back I had a rapid-fire session with my mentor who asked me a series of questions about my meditation practice: What is meditation? Why do you meditate? What is the benefit you get from meditation? She gave me a minute to think and, after introspecting, I responded: Meditation is the result of the continuous act of…… Read More.


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My Tryst With Heartfulness #HumansOfHeartfulness

I was always the happy-go-lucky kind, ever smiling and laughing. I could be around people but go into my own space even as a child, as if looking for something. My thirst for inner happiness began when I started rebelling against societal norms, against what I was taught a young Indian girl should be. I found shelter in reading self-help…… Read More.



A Hug Is All I Need

It was a typical winter morning in Dehra Dun, a small town located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. The weak morning sun appeared every now and then from behind the clouds, doing its best to fight the cold. Having feigned a stomach ache, I skipped school for the day. I lay in bed, smarting from what…… Read More.


wisdom of silence

The Wisdom Of Silence

You could say I was an absolute chatterbox who loved to talk and share everything with my near and dear ones. I needed sound in my life, whether it was blasting music or TV noise in the background. I love to laugh, and I can even laugh even when you shout at me in anger. I’m considered happy-go-lucky despite my…… Read More.


Heartfulness meditation helps in mastering the art of listening to the heart's voice.

Take it to the Heart

“The heart is intuitive. It does not share the mind’s many limitations.” -Daaji, The Heartfulness Way I write this during a period of surprising struggle with myself over what seem to be multiple unnecessary concerns, blown out of proportion in my own mind.   A few months ago, I sat down for my morning meditation with a positive outlook and…… Read More.


A young woman sitting with her eyes closed in the midst of difficult times.

How do I stay centered during difficult times?

Let me start with a story…   My husband has a very strong tolerance for pain, and I discovered just how strong it was in June 2013. He felt “a little off” on Thursday, but on Friday decided he was well enough for his usual twenty-five mile bike ride. On Saturday, he “wasn’t quite feeling up to par.” By Sunday…… Read More.