A little girl is going solo and is flying ribbons

Going Solo – Creating Community Beyond COVID-19

Seattle, Washington, March 12, 2020 We are the epicenter of the virus. School and college closures. Social distancing. Empty stores, churches, entertainment venues. Masks. Gloves. Furtive looks between bus riders. Walking on the side of the road to avoid contact with joggers, bicyclists. Wondering how long this will last. Drop in coffee shops, Starbucks closes. Still going to work for…… Read More.


people doing heartfulness yoga

What is Yoga?

Yoga is many things to many people. For some, it is just a physical exercise, while for others, it is their life’s greatest passion. Many practitioners enjoy the complex formulation and execution of breathing techniques and for others, it is simply a practical means of maintaining good health and wellbeing. Globally, the popularity of yoga in its many forms is…… Read More.


man doing heartfulness meditation

Meditation – A budget free retreat

Meditation: A No Cost Holiday Package Who doesn’t like to travel? For some it is snowy mountains or forest treks that tempt them, for others the pristine beaches or the magnificent palaces and forts are a real draw. One thing is clear, the more you travel, the more you crave it – for the soul of a wanderer is always…… Read More.


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Coping with crisis through Heartfulness meditation

The world is currently going through a strange and difficult period. For the first time in history, almost every corner of the globe has been hit simultaneously by a crisis. Indeed, some news reports suggest that we may be facing something of the magnitude of the 1930’s Great Depression, or perhaps even worse. In spite of the single, common source…… Read More.


largest meditation hall at kanha shanti vanam

Kanha Shanti Vanam: A Mystifying Experience

I have just been introduced to spirituality by the Heartfulness Institute, Hubli Center with the advice to follow their processes of relaxation, meditation and cleaning, along with the prayer at bedtime. This system is useful to all without any exception, there are no compulsions and no membership charges – their advocacy is to practice the 3 processes and be a…… Read More.


man improving self development by doing meditation

Meditation for Self Development

Self-development makes your achievements sustainable. Here’s how Don’t you sometimes feel that you’re stuck doing the same stuff daily? It becomes mundane even if it was something we chose to do. We may not give much thought but growing in life as a human and a learner is important. One of the little ways to keep pushing ourselves is to…… Read More.


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Meditation Made Simple

Meditation is very simple. All it involves is a willingness to close our eyes and take a pause. Short as it may be, this pause is of great significance. It allows us to take a break from the incessant wanderings of the mind and dive into peace and tranquility ever present within us, the result is a refreshed mind and…… Read More.


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How meditation can help Troubled Mind to Restful Heart?

It’s been a while since my life was on the right track. I was caged in a mental trap, a slave to my emotions that left me weak and disheartened. And this is what I believe is the chief cause of mental illness too. In today’s hustle-bustle world, people are suffering from various mental problems, including anxiety disorder, depression, post-traumatic…… Read More.



From the heART of a 14-Year-Old

I’m just another teenager interested in the usual teenager stuff. My parents are meditators, and I’ve grown up watching them and many other people, young and old, meditating. I’ve been both curious and fascinated by the idea of light, energy, and vibration. With time there was a longing to experience it myself, until October of 2019, when it became a…… Read More.


thunder in the sky

Meditation: The Calm During a Storm

After nearly nine years of meditation, I know meditation helps me stay calm during stressful situations. And this was made clear to me one fateful morning at my job. A few years into my career as a veterinarian, I walked into work one day and found four patients waiting for me, each with life-threatening medical emergencies. All four needed immediate…… Read More.


man doing heartfulness yoga in the mountains

Don’t Fear The Mountain

What does it mean to be in a loving relationship? How does one become selfless? How much does perfectionism help or hinder us as we develop spiritual partnerships with each other? I have not been successful in past relationships where I felt the need to dominate. The more I tried to control, the more overwhelmed and frustrated I would become…… Read More.


meditation - a non demanding practice

A Non-Demanding Practice

How often have you felt stressed with the demands of life? It seems like countless strings are pulling us in multiple directions, each demanding equal attention. And it doesn’t help that long commutes to work and seemingly endless office hours leave us with very little ‘me’ time. This was one of the biggest challenges for me in developing a regular…… Read More.