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Learning to relax is vital for well-being. It reduces tension in all parts of your body and helps you to stay balanced even in stressful situations.


With regular Heartfulness Meditation, your mind will become centered and shift to deeper levels of feeling, intuition and consciousness.


Cleaning fosters lightness of being, joy and a carefree attitude, as emotional burdens, habits, deep conditioning and complexities are removed.


Through a simple bedtime prayerful intention, you can connect humbly with your inner self, listen to your heart’s voice, and weave your destiny.

Meditate with
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HeartsApp lets you meditate with certified Heartfulness trainers at your own convenience.
Learn the basic practices of Relaxation, Meditation, Cleaning and Inner Connect, or complete the 3 Masterclasses. After the basic practices are completed, use HeartsApp to connect with our team of Certified Heartfulness Trainers from around the globe anytime to experience meditation with yogic transmission.


Download the HeartsApp now and be guided free in your first steps, HeartsApp is now available on Apple as well as on the Google Play Store.

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