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Renowned teacher of meditation, Kamlesh D. Patel, affectionately known as Daaji, was born in India. From his young days, he has been interested in spirituality and met his Guide, Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (Babuji), the founder and first President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Kamlesh continued to follow Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari (Chariji), the second President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, after Babuji’s passing away. He is now the President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, teaching Heartfulness Meditation.

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics:

Meditation Tracking startup, Dhyana, partners with the Heartfulness Institute to improve the mental wellness of the Indian Olympic contingent.

Dhyana, backed by the chief national coach Pullela Gopichand, is the official meditation partner for the Indian Olympic contingent and has collaborated with the Heartfulness Institute to bring its meditation practices to the Indian squad to help them manage stress, improve their overall wellbeing and be on top of their game.

Official meditation

Dhyana, the official meditation partner of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games announced a partnership with the Heartfulness Institute.

Heartfulness meditation

Heartfulness is a heart-centered approach to life, aided with the practice of meditation that connects us with the light and love in the heart transforming us from within.


Daaji inspires the players representing India in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The best wishes of a billion hearts are with every single athlete and sportsperson from the Indian team.

News clipping: The Chief National Coach of the Indian badminton team, Pullela Gopichand, is confident that the Indian team is well rounded to win more medals than ever before in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics

A story of a monk how he learned the true meaning of Spirituality. Heartfulness practices can help in the overall improvement of human life.

In conversation with Daaji: What is Spiritual Science? Daaji explains a scientific approach to Spirituality.

We all go through tough times and find our own ways to deal with them. The best way to pick ourselves could be by connecting within.

Guided meditation: A simple Heartfulness technique to help us release tension by easing the inner body, emotions, and thought flows.



HeartsApp by Heartfulness facilitates guided practices of Heartfulness tools; relaxation, rejuvenation, and meditation with the yogic transmission. It enables you to find inner self and connects with heart.


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