Does practicing Heartfulness require me to change me to change my lifestyle?

The name ‘Sahaj Marg’, or ‘natural path’, says it all. Everything about our approach to spirituality must be natural. Many people find that their lifestyle automatically adjusts itself after some time due to the inner changes brought about by the practice. Many unwanted habits simply drop off. Whenever you realize that you have a bad habit, however, and it is within your power to give it up, you can actively do so. It is in your best interests to root out imperfections of character. For this, remain receptive to your conscience and to criticisms from others. When you try to change yourself, but there is inner resistance, there is no need to force that change. Instead, sit quietly at bedtime and heartfully pray for contentment and for the removal of flaws. Often, your 41 heart naturally begs for forgiveness. Tears during prayer are the sign of sincerity, and it is the sincere heart that invites transformation. When you can confidently resolve never to repeat that mistake again, the inner heaviness instantly disappears. It is fine to make mistakes in life. Make thousands of them, but never repeat the same mistake twice. The environment in which you live and the people with whom you associate influence the way your personality is designed. Inner attitudes and habits also play a major role in designing your destiny. As you continue to do the daily Heartfulness practices, the everincreasing simplicity and purity of the heart will start to mould your life.