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Heart-Based Learning

Focus . Joy . Courage . Sensitivity

In Heartfulness, we believe that the evolution of one and all comes with the growth of the heart’s qualities through simple practices. Heartfulness Yoga Courses offers this approach in all their Yoga Programs, giving you the opportunity to try and experience heart-based meditation aided by transmission.

During a class, through the practice of gentle yoga, students are brought to experience their heart-space and be in tune with themselves. The attention is turned inwards, and one can feel the effect of the practice at subtler levels, and develop inner sensitivity. The mind naturally calms down and, at the end of the class, you are naturally able to sit in meditation.


Catalyst . Transmission . Spark . Love

Transmission-aided meditation is the specialty of Heartfulness. Transmission is an active catalyst for transformation and Heartfulness Yoga prepares you to it. Approach our courses as a scientist: experience for yourself and live the change. And then teach back to the world

Amazing Team

Diversity . Passion . Expertise . Family

This is what this amazing team is made of. Meet some of our yoga trainers.

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Heartfulness Yoga courses includes:

  1. Heartfulness Yoga study material
  2. Daily Yoga practice
  3. Personal support from Heartfulness Meditation trainers
  4. Theoretical and practical sessions
  5. Accommodation in dormitories
  6. All meals prepared according to yogic diet principles
  7. Certificate (filing the condition for passing)

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