Anirudh Kumar

Anirudh Kumar

Anirudh Kumar is a surgical student and a post graduate student at the Faculty of Medicine (Department of Cardiac Surgery) at the University of Toronto. Besides his surgical interest in cardiology, Anirudh also spends a lot of time studying meditation and its effect.

He is currently the Principal Investigator of a Heartfulness Research study at the University of Toronto- Faculty of Neuroscience. He particularly is interested in studying the effect of Heartfulness Meditation on the Brain. He hopes to continue to study meditation from a neuro-scientific and psychological perspective- further help strengthen research on the connection between the Heart and the Brain.

Anirudh currently practices Heartfulness meditation and is a Heartfulness trainer. He was raised in a household where his parents were Heartfulness meditators. Growing up in this practice of meditation, he says he has seen the benefits of meditation first hand.


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